One week to go!

So there’s one week to go until I land in Berlin…over summer I’ve not really had time to actually think about the fact that I’m moving country for a year and now it seems to have come around so quickly!

This week I’m sorting out all of the boring stuff before moving; last-minute dentist/doctor appointments, accommodation finalising and banking. My main issue at the moment seems to be banking- my UK bank accounts (Santander Student 123 and Nationwide Flex) don’t seem to have any great provisions in place for someone spending time abroad- whether that be for a holiday or temporary residence. So, after a few minutes googling reviews for pre-paid cards I’ve opted for ‘Revolut’ ( ; an app that also comes with a (£12 one off fee) physical debit card. Basically you can send money from your UK bank account to Revolut, and pay in store/get cash out for free, and when you use the Revolut card in store/at an ATM abroad it pays in the local currency at the best competitive exchange rate…I’m assuming this is all great and have jumped head first into this app! I’ll update on here how using Revolut goes when I start using it for real in Germany.


Apart from admin-y things this week, I’m packing and meeting up with family and friends for some final goodbye’s (how dramatic- I’m coming back for Christmas!). The emotions haven’t yet kicked in for me, it’s all still a little dreamy and not quite real yet, although seeing others from my university leaving for their countries (USA, Canada, Australia) is building up anticipation and excitement.

Here’s to one final week in rainy ole England!

Elle x

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