10 Things Before I Go

The big day is tomorrow- I’ll be flying at 9am to Berlin and won’t be back until Christmas!
Now that it’s starting to feel real I’m thinking about a) things I will miss about England/Uni and b) things I’m excited for in Berlin; so I’m going to list 5 of each!

Things I’ll Miss

1. Friends and Family the obvious one here (pic of my goodbye BBQ). Although I’m used to being away from my family and home friends whilst at uni in Birmingham, not being a few hours drive/train away feels a little weird, I’ll probably not be popping back once every 6 weeks for a night out with home gals, and my parents are less likely to visit and take me out for lunch (hugely exciting when on a uni budget). Also, a lot of my uni friends will be in their last year now, so I’ll be missing out on nights out with them/gossips/dinners and they won’t be there when I’m back!

2. Knowing my way around – this one is a bit strange, but once you’ve been settled in an area for a while (eg: Birmingham), you forget how nice it is just to know where to go for certain things; where you do food shopping, where the best takeaway curry is from, a nice cocktail bar, the best club etc. I’m having to start that all over again in Berlin.

3. Korfball nights out – very specific, but having been the social sec for Korfball last year it’s going to be so weird seeing everyone out together in fancy dress and not being part of it!

4. Paying in £ – Also strange but I’m not great with exchange rates, so in my mind the Euro is like monopoly money…something to be spent with no real value…I’m also stuck a few years back with the thought that the Pound to Euro is about 1:2 (it’s definitely not). So I’m a tiny bit worried about money realisation and spending too much…

5. I actually can’t think of anything specific for number 5…maybe I won’t be missing England too much then!

Things I’m Excited About

1. A new city!– Although I’ll miss Birmingham, I’m super excited about living in a new city. I visited Berlin last year over summer and fell in love; the history of the city and Germany as a country is a real interest of mine!

2. Learning a new language – Although my course at Freie Universitat is taught in English, I’ve enrolled in a 4 week intensive course at Humboldt University prior to starting the term (this is why I’m going out to Berlin so early!). I’m really keen to take the opportunity to learn a new language as everyone says that the best place to learn is in the country itself. This course is 5 hours a day, 5 days a week for a month, so hopefully I’ll be able to hold a basic conversation when I’m finished!

3. Meeting new people – I’m really excited to meet people from different countries as I’m staying in an international halls! Some friends who have done years abroad said that the best part about making international friends is being able to visit them afterwards in their countries. My flat is for 6 people so there should be some variety in nationalities there.

4. Nights out in Berlin – Every time I mention that I’m going to study in Berlin for a year people’s first response is ‘Oh my god the nightlife is amazing!’. I went out to the club Matrix last summer and it was great so I’m looking forward to exploring the other bars and clubs (might even try to get in to Berghain…).

5.The Food – I’ve been veggie for a year now (only a few drunken slip ups at xmas and in April), so I’m excited about finding some fabulous places to eat- I’ve heard there’s even vegetarian currywurst eek!

So here’s to my last night in England, celebrated with family and a curry!

Elle x

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