Landed in Berlin

So I’ve been in Berlin since Wednesday and over the past few days my parents and I have explored some of the tourist sights such as Checkpoint Charlie, The Jewish Museum, Topographie des Terrors and Brandenburg Gate. We also moved my stuff into my new accommodation.

Now this was an interesting experience to say the least! To be fair, I’m not paying much for student accommodation situated 20 minutes on the train from the centre of Berlin- 290€ a month including all bills/a gym/study rooms. BUT I don’t think my parents or I were expecting the scene we found ourselves at on Thursday evening; a dingy kitchen which was not only filthy but such a mess that the maintenance man showing us round apologised to us.  Honestly, the room was fine, if not a tad hospital-like with it’s white walls, floor and basic bed…but the worst part was the bathroom. Imagine a local, underfunded leisure centre’s male changing room- this was the bathroom I would be using for the next six months/potentially a year. To paint the picture more vividly I’ll explain what was on offer in this bathroom: no lock on the door: enter. On the right there was one toilet cubicle (for SIX people) which luckily had a lock but god know’s you wouldn’t want to be locked in there with that smell. Next, straight ahead from the unlock able door were two showers side by side, with broken loose fitting shower curtains. Finally, a row of sinks and mirrors covered with old, dirty products. Honestly, if the living room mess didn’t make you scream, this bathroom would have.

Anyway, clearly either my mum or I were going to have a break down with the thought of me in this flat so thank the lord she went and asked if there were any other flats available. This luckily brought us to my current flat! Immediately the kitchen/living room area was more homely and clean, the bathroom was the same layout but clean and didn’t smell, and once we’d made a trip to Primark to raid their ‘Home’ section, my room looked more inhabitable…if not lovely!

So that’s where we are now. Parents have flown home, I’ve met the two housemates who currently live here and they are both lovely, been for drinks with some people I met at my language test and I’m ready to start my language course on Monday. After a few stressful hours, I’m feeling more comfortable and settling!

Bis Später!

Elle x

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