First week update

It’s been a week since I wrote about moving into my accommodation and life in Berlin has only got better throughout the week! I’ve started the language course at Humboldt Universitat (HU), been out for dinner with new people, been to the SU with my flatmates, visited an art exhibition and toured a museum (that one was on my own!).

Although being introduced to four cases, irregular verbs and masculine/feminine words has been tough, it’s also been really interesting. I’m in the complete beginner class, but already I’m able to pick out certain words in a conversation and introduce myself etc. I’m looking forward to continuing the course over the next three weeks and hope that by the end I’ll be able to get by a bit more easily! I’d really recommend doing a beginner course if you’re going on a year abroad- even if you won’t be taught in that language. Luckily, my course is fully taught in English, however I wanted to avoid the stereotype of the clueless British tourist and take up the opportunity to learn a new language.

Being on the language course has meant that I’ve met lots of other people living in Berlin before the university semester starts (mid October), which is great because everyone is super friendly and eager to explore the city with you. After class last week (9am-1.15pm) a group of us went to see an art exhibition as it is Berlin Art Week. I’d probably recommend visiting a different one to the one we did since it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea…think an empty room with a window and some wild flowers below (that was literally one of the pieces). But it is great to see different areas of the city and students get a cheaper ticket!


I’ve also been to some great little places to eat, Dean and David do great meat and vegetarian options including wraps, sandwiches, curries and (huge!) salads. Similarly, Funk You in Bikini is fab for grabbing lunch; you get a view of the baboons from the Zoo through a large window!

This week I purchased a second hand bike which has made my commute into the centre SO much easier, not having to rely on buses to reach the station. They can be found on the Berlin Ebay for cheap. Mine is a city bike and was 70€ including lights/lock! It’s great that this city constantly has students coming in and out so I’ll be able to re-sell my bike when I leave!


Last night was actually my first night out not just for chilled drinks; there was an ‘Erasmus party’ organised and so lots of people doing the language course went to pres in a student flat and then S-bahned into the city…however our group got a little lost and so we ended up in Suicide Circus until 5am which was so much fun- would definitely pay it a visit if you like techno or want to dance from 12am until 9am!

So we’re one week down and I’m really enjoying my time here (there has been a wobble though, I can’t lie!), now I’m off to spend the evening at Birgit & Bier with a group from the HU course.

Elle x


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