Long Distance Relationships

It’s the big one- the post about long-distance relationships while on a Year Abroad!

Don’t worry, this one isn’t going to be super mushy since it’s not just about relationships with a partner, but friends as well!

I know I’m lucky in the fact that I’m only a 2 hour plane journey (around £110 return flight) from England. Unlike some of my friends abroad in Canada and the US, my boyfriend, friends and family are able to come out relatively easily and for a fair price. This means that my mum and step-dad have already visited, my boyfriend Ben has been once (and is arriving on Thursday again!), and friends are planning their trips out for next term. It’s great knowing that people I love can come out and see me, but I’m still coping with long-distance relationships.

I’ll have been lucky enough to see this one twice already!

Since Ben has been able to come out twice from September to December (when I’ll see him next), and we facetime a couple of times a week, this isn’t the long-distance relationship I’m struggling with the most (sorry Bendelle fans!). The people I’ve been missing loads have been my gal friends- home and uni ones!

We now admit that we miss each other…gross

I’m so used to seeing Morgana every day, either napping in my bed or studying in my room, that being in a uni setting/ student house without her is THE strangest thing. We don’t normally text, even in summer break because our friendship has always been based on seeing each other, but the YA has probably brought us closer! We text almost every day, facetime once a week and actually accept and admit that we like and miss each other (this was so not the way we were before); I literally cannot wait to see her during the Christmas break, and then visit her in Amsterdam!

I’m also missing my gals from korfball (and to be honest the whole club!), hearing about sports night from them and seeing snaps just makes me miss them more! To my home girls, it’s so annoying not being able to pop back for nights out (you know I’m talking about Maddie’s 21st *cry*).

The last time Gossip Girls were together

The thing is, a YA is great because it just causes you to make more of an effort with the friends that you really want to talk to and see! I’m so excited to see my home girls for our Xmas eve drinks in the local town, and to see my uni girls for Rach’s 21st in Manchester in January. I’m already so glad that I decided to go on a year abroad, I’ve met so many new fab people that I also love spending time with, which also distracts me from missing my friends/family/boyfriend!

Elle x


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