Back after the Xmas break!

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote on here since I’ve just arrived back from being home for 3 weeks. I was a little worried having settled back in at home, with home comforts such as a clean kitchen, all my family and friends, and a car to drive, that I wouldn’t enjoy being back in Berlin sans all of those things. However, as soon as I got on the plane at Gatwick I was strangely excited to get back to what is weirdly now known as ‘routine’.


I had an amazing winter break and managed to squeeze in seeing friends from home and university, as well as spending time with family and Ben. Some highlights were: cocktails with Phoebe and Meg at Tonight Josephine’s, a festive catch up with Mads, Karis and Beth, many a drunken night with Liz and Ells, Lucy’s 21st, Maddie’s 21st in Brighton, Rach’s 21st in Manchester, ice skating with my sister and Ben, and of course Christmas day with my crazy family (maybe you saw the snapchats of my mum/nan’s fab dancing).


But now I’m back for a short 5 weeks of presentations and exams before the first semester is officially over…it’s truly gone so fast! The end of this semester will be sad since a friend from literally day one in Berlin will be leaving (Rowe, I know you’ll be reading this at some point), but the two months break will also give me time to start some traveling! Planned so far is Budapest, Krakow and hopefully Amsterdam…thankfully the student loan has just dropped so all should be okay!

Until next time,

Elle x


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