(Amster)DAM that was fun!

As you can guess from the title of this post, I’ve been to Amsterdam! No, not what you’re expecting, I didn’t spend the whole time in “cafe’s” but I did spend the weekend hanging out with my two pals from Birmingham, visiting Morgana on her year abroad there!


I arrived late on Friday evening, having been  delayed at Gatwick, waiting for luggage arrival and general travel stress…it was Morgana’s 21st birthday so we had planned to go out to a club called Sugar Factory (not some TOWIE mimic, although Morgs is from Essex!) where Horse Meat Disco were doing a set. Thankfully I made it to her apartment in time to do a quick change and join pres before we cycled to the club (danger x 10 for bad drunk riders). The club was small but intimate, just what we wanted and the drag show on stage whilst the set played was fab!


Very little sleep was had after a hazy cycle home at 6am so Saturday was off to a slow start with a visit to The Vegan Junk Food Bar. This was insane, so much choice that we all were worried about getting food envy, although I think myself and Lil picked the best: Black Daddy McChik’n, consisting of double (x 2 patties) plant based Chik’n (honestly was like real chicken), vegan cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and vegan mayo…
Naturally this was accompanied by fries and various sauces which only made the vegan experience better – I’m veggie but finding it difficult to switch fully to vegan, I LOVE CHEDDAR!


Later we went for a bike ride through Vondelpark and luckily for us it turned out to be a beautiful day, with the added bonus of an extra hour of sunlight! Then the evening drifted away as we caught up on months of gossip, life news and general chatting in Morgana’s flat mate’s room ( we love u jas ).




Sunday was more productive, myself and Lily visited the Anne Frank museum/house which was eery but informative; the audio guides were actually good quality and rich with information, for only 9€ a ticket we couldn’t complain. After this we went to Vegabond; an all vegan eatery where we feasted on pastries, brownies and donuts- Lil kindly paid for our meals as she’d found 20€ on the ground earlier that day; thanks to the tourist who dropped it, it went to good use!



Since we hadn’t seen Lily for her birthday in February (myself being in Berlin, and Morgs in Amsterdam while Lil is working hard on a year in industry in Brum), we had planned for her to ride the highest swing in Europe. Being afraid of heights, I passed on this activity but watched in mild horror as Morg and Lil were swung off the side of a ridiculously tall building. That said, I did manage to get on top of the red horse statue that was also located on top of this tall building, a modest achievement by my standards!


That evening, with a need for pizza we visited Mastino’s pizza place, a small but cute pizza restaurant (think exposed brick, rickety tables and eating out of pizza boxes) which offered a variety of vegan pizzas. We shared a four (vegan) cheese, a classic vegetable, and rocket-tomato-pine nut beauty! Would highly recommend this place, the vegan cheese was AMAZING, and that is reflected in the price (15€ per pizza) but definitely worth it! We hopped across a few bars that evening and then collapsed into bed after a busy weekend.

It was so lovely to be reunited as a three again (flatmates since first year), but we also missed our other gals- Rach and Els! I’m looking forward to seeing them all in summer, hopefully when they visit me in Berlin!

Elle x

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